What is the Best Face Moisturizer for Men?

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Not enough men develop a proper skin care routine, including reaping the benefits of a good moisturizer. When creating a skin care routine for men, moisturizer should be among the most important components of the regimen.

Having a good moisturizer can help combat dry skin and a number of common skin conditions that go along with not taking proper care of the delicate skin on your face. When your skin is dying for a bit more moisture, you may experience short-term side effects like tightness or peeling of the skin or even long-term damage such as premature wrinkles. You can easily protect yourself from the damage of thirsty skin by adding a face moisturizer for men.

Here are five of the best moisturizers for men to consider adding to your skin care routine:

Rugged & Dapper Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer for Men

The Rugged & Dapper Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer provides hydration to thirsty skin while also protecting the skin from further damage from the sun or a harsh environment. This moisturizer is made from Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, and other skin-loving ingredients, and is also vegan, fragrance-free, cruelty-free, and has not been tested on animals.

The Rugged & Dapper Age + Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer for Men should be used every day, morning and night, to effectively restore the health of skin. It is great for any type of skin, including oily, dry, or combination. It is even recommended for acne-prone skin, so it won’t make you break out.

This product has a matte finish, so it will completely absorb and reduce any oiliness or greasiness that may be left behind by other products.

Kyoku for Men Facial Moisturizer

This Kyoku moisture is great for more than just dry skin. Because it is composed of ingredients that can bring down inflammation, such as Green Tea, Avocado, Plankton, and Bamboo, it can assist in bringing down skin conditions such as breakouts or irritation. It is also packed with antioxidants, which can help eliminate damaging free radicals.

Because this Kyoku for Men Facial Moisturizer contains SPF 15, it works best when applied in the morning. The SPF can protect your skin from sun damage, including things like wrinkles or skin cancer. Sun damage can also make break outs worse, cause sun spots on your skin, and compromise your skin’s overall heath.

Even with the SPF, this Kyoku moisturizer can be used twice a day, morning and night. Because it can bring down inflammation, this moisturizer can be used after shaving.

Lather & Wood’s Luxurious Sophisticated Men’s Moisturizer

The Lather & Wood’s Luxurious Sophisticated Men’s Moisturizer is made of organic ingredients, including jojoba oil and shea butter. The combination of ingredients is designed to leave you feeling moisturized and clean without overpowering your skin and causing you to feel greasy or oily. The antioxidants within the formula can stop free radical damage and prevent your skin from premature aging or break outs.

This moisturizer doesn’t contain alcohol, which can be drying and damaging to the skin, so it will leave your skin feeling supple and more hydrated. When your skin is healthy, you’ll have an easier time shaving, grooming, and have an overall higher feeling of confidence as you go about your day.

The Later & Wood’s moisturizer is also created in small batches and packaged for demand, meaning you won’t need to worry about how long the product has been sitting on a shelf. You can rest assured knowing you are getting a fresh batch.

Mr. Smith Daily Facial Moisturizer for Men

Mr. Smith Daily Facial Moisturizer for Men is a facial lotion that promises to help fight against fine lines and wrinkles. It also can calm irritation caused by shaving, protect your skin from sun damage, help to even your skin tone, and reduce your exposure to skin-aging factors.

The Mr. Smith Daily Facial Moisturizer for Men is created from a blend of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that leave your skin feeling moisturized and nourished without feeling greasy or oily. Some of those ingredients include Sunflower Oil, Peptides, Aloe Vera, and Hyaluronic Acid.

This Mr. Smith facial moisturizer also comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so if you purchase the product and find that it is not right for you for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund.

Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer – Sold Out

In the number one spot is our very own Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer which is a great addition to your skin care routine. This daily hydration moisturizer can be used on more than just the face. This moisturizer is made with skin-loving ingredients, including Aloe Vera, Palm Oil, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter. It also contains calming Green Tea, making it a great after shave balm as well to soothe razor burn.

To use the Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer, take a small amount on your fingers and apply wherever your skin needs a bit of extra moisture. For best results, the Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer should be used morning and night, after shaving or showering.

The combination of ingredients allows the Suave Grooming Facial Moisturizer to effectively moisturize the skin while still leaving you feeling clean and not weighed down. While too many moisturizers can make it feel like you are wearing a mask, this lotion provides just the right amount of hydration.